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About Us

At Graphos, we are a multi-disciplinary team, each of us with a diverse skill-set that adds dimensionality and makes our work better. We’re a team of creatives and techies who love what they do. We’re graphic designers, web developers, writers, business analysts and project management rock stars. And then some.

Put us to work, and watch what amazing things we create together!

Meet the team


Senior Designer

Andrea’s love of design nearly equals her love of donuts. Born and raised in Edmonton, she’s been designing for well over a decade and held aspirations since her college days of being a Graphite (aka Graphos team member). Having worked as an in-house designer she profoundly understands the dynamics from the client side, and especially thrives in our collaborative agency environment. Andrea so oozes happiness that you might never know she’s also a hardcore body builder.

With diplomas in Visual Presentation and Visual Communications and a Design Foundation Certificate from Grant MacEwan University, Andrea’s well decorated, and loves to put all this theory into practice every single day.


President and Principal Consultant

Laurier founded Graphos in 1993, and has since led his versatile team to success in projects ranging from elaborate web apps and international ad campaigns to annual reports and brand management for world-class public companies.

With past lives as a novelist, illustrator and award-winning business columnist, Laurier combines his passions for design and literature with more than two decades of expertise in creating articulate and cohesive marketing for clients.

Laurier is a member since inception of Nait’s Digital Media and IT advisory board, and graduated with distinction from the Journalism program at MacEwan. He became an early proponent of web tools for marketing and advises clients on technical, creative, User Experience, Content Strategy and branding considerations. Laurier’s other true love is his family, and he enjoys instilling in his two young daughters his appreciation for fitness, art, the outdoors, and local food.


Vice President

Tia has been a director of the company since its launch back in 1993. Today she plays a combined role of operations, senior management and supplier relations, and is the one responsible for our work environment’s clean and bright design aesthetic.

Tia graduated from the Nait Interior Design program with honours in 2001 and has led a multitude of successful commercial and residential design and renovation projects, including interiors for several Graphos clients. She loves to garden, read, and spend quality time in spray parks, ice rinks and art studios with her two little girls.


Director of Client Services

Lori can baffle most people with her maybe British, possibly Irish, but certainly weird accent – especially when she gets going in French. She’s a genuine melting-pot Canadian, with a wedge of Kiwi. Lori spent well over a decade in New Zealand before escaping the beaches of Auckland (where it snows once every 90 years) to bask again in Edmonton’s seven-month winters!

Back in the day, Lori was most often found behind a camera, first shooting current events in East Texas, then in an Auckland studio photographing everything from wine bottles to livestock. (Ask her sometime how the photo shoot with the bull went…)

From photography and print, Lori then mastered another language called web development. She’s the person you want to talk to, because she can translate all that jargon and make it fit with your business needs. Naturally ambidextrous, she’s hardwired to be organized and creative, and will show you how to enjoy having your project scoped, planned and executed. And if you’re like many clients, even before it’s done, you’ll be calling Lori to talk about what you want to do next.


Creative Director

Derek has been wowing Graphos clients for years as he leads the design team in creating world-class visual identities, user interfaces, advertising campaigns and anything else we can throw at him. Derek’s high standards are a reflection of his own elite capabilities and extensive experience as a designer, and he continuously advocates creative solutions rather than quicker boilerplate approaches to design and development.

An expert in User Experience (UX), Derek is also a gifted illustrator, an attribute reflected through his impressive repertoire of iconography, logos, and editorial artwork. Derek has a Design Foundations Certificate plus a Visual Communication Design Diploma, both from MacEwan University.


Senior Web Developer

From the time Sheena built her own Sailor Moon website at age eleven, she’s lived, slept (ask about the dreams…) and breathed code. With more than a decade of professional experience and a profound curiosity, Sheena has deep array of capabilities and can build most anything digital.

Although she’s vocal about her dislike for all things Apple (along with caramel and raisins), Sheena has won the creative team’s love by always finding ways to implement their wildest ideas, and often improve on them. She is a graduate of Nait’s Digital and Media and IT program and previously worked as a computer technician and webmaster for Edmonton Public Schools.

Despite being the mother of a “sassy” young daughter, Sheena is obsessive about keeping everything around her as clean and orderly as the code she writes. She LOVES German cars, has a keen interest in astronomy, and is a an avid traveller: her personal goal for the year is to be able to identify every country on a blank map of the world. (Yes, including Tuvalu and Djibouti.)

A little about Graphos

Have you ever worked with a web developer who also does identity and print design, only to find she's over-extended herself—at your project's expense? Perhaps you've had an ad agency "take care of" your corporate website and SEO. Then later discovered it was outsourced to multiple firms, and there's no brand consistency.

We hear about these things all the time. Then we help make it right. Perhaps the greatest advantage to Graphos is that we're a tightly knit group of media specialists and planners, working seamlessly at our true strengths under one roof. Where web developers collaborate and work face-to-face with copywriters and print designers (it's much rarer than you think) for congruent and cohesive messaging. So your website fits with your ad campaign, as well as your brochure, trade show display and stationery package.

That's the beauty of Graphos all-media brand management. Sound like what you've been looking for? We love to create world-class branding for clients in Edmonton, St. Albert, Fort McMurray, Calgary and Canada-wide. Let's meet and talk about how the Graphos team can bring it all together for you!