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Butcher’s Dog

Butcher’s Dog provides home delivery of handcrafted raw dog food, so we felt the company’s logo should be hand-drawn, including the custom lettering. Graphos developed a full e-commerce website, with a built-in order management system for this innovative and friendly client. We also designed some appropriately rustic packaging and collateral for a consistent brand experience.

Butcher's Dog silouette dog logo on white

Butcher's Dog: A Case Study

1. The Challenge

Butcher’s Dog solves an intriguing problem. The business was created by the owners of Sangudo Custom Meats, a renowned small-town meat processing facility famous for its collaboration with small, local and organic farmers. They owners were concerned about the amount of perfectly good food that goes to waste in our rather particular culture, and had a plan to do something about it. By partnering with a friend who had pioneered home delivery of organic groceries, they had access to a lot of equally good organic produce. Mixing the two would create a nutritionally complete raw food for dogs, and the delivery system was already in place.

2. Our Process

At Graphos, we were inspired by the innovation behind Butcher’s Dog. In our discovery process, we explored the unique ways the product came to be, and gave a lot of thought to the kind of buyer who would be our audience: mostly owners of large breed dogs who were already spending significant money on pet food. The brand would focus on the local and handcrafted elements, as well as the fresh and raw ingredients.

3. Our Solution

Logo Design. As always, we presented a range of logo options—this time from a begging hound in a chef’s hat to a rustic silhouette of a large dog, with olde-scool hand lettering. The latter was an instant winner, not only because of its handcrafted simplicity but for its ease of reproduction in a single colour.

Packaging Design. Butcher’s Dog would be unlike store-bought dog foods. The cubed product would be distributed frozen in 15-kilogram mesh bags with an inner liner, and stored in the consumer’s freezer. It was our most rudimentary packaging design ever, making it a perfect fit with the branding. Graphos designed artwork to be silkscreened onto the bags in a single colour, along with identification tags that could be imprinted with a custom rubber stamp.

The eCommerce Website. Whereas most eCommerce website we’ve built have ranked scalability as a top priority, Butcher’s Dog intended to remain fairly small. Production capacity would be limited by the available waste product. We developed a subscription-based system that enables customers to initiate a recurring payment, which can be paused as necessary (say for vacations or an accumulation of unused product). The web design seeks to portray a well-run, family-owned business, with images of the partners and actual ingredients they use in making their dog food. Contrasted with other brands in the Graphos portfolio, it’s a fantastic study in how great design should completely fit with the offering, culture and audience.

Butcher's Dog print materials on red background
White Butcher's Dog dog food bag against red background
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