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An aspiring entrepreneur came to us wanting to create and market his own fishing lure. With an innovative prototype that worked unlike any other, we were impressed and honoured when chosen to brand, package and market the Kamooki product. We worked with Kamooki to design original colour patterns for SmartFish™ and SmartCraw™. Our research and discovery phase was an exciting immersion into fishing, both angling and “hard water.” It would be important to design everything we did for scalability and growth, although we could not have known to what extent.

Successful Ecommerce website
10x increase in web traffic
Top sellers in hundreds of stores
Kamooki conceptual logo phases
The logo design process recognized that our branding has to compete for attention against industry giants. The Kamooki logo is a clean and solid heavyweight, custom typeface (readability being especially important with a new, made-up word), and incorporated a few design surprises: is it the face or the tail of a fish? The SmartFish™ and SmartCraw™ logos showcase the scientific elegance of Kamooki’s precision-balanced lure.
Our branding has to compete for attention against industry giants.
Few consumers can appreciate how much thought and effort goes into custom product packaging. For SmartFish™ we needed the product to display prominently on hangers in crowded fishing and sporting goods stores, stealing attention from hundreds of other colourful patterns. The lure is suspended within the package window in a way that approximates how it balances underwater, while minimizing its footprint on the shelf. We've since tailored this very effective packaging design for three different sizes of SmartFish™, plus the award-winning SmartCraw™.
SmartFish™ SmartCraw™ Kamooki hat and SmartCraw™ t-shirt
We need the packaging to display prominently on hangers in crowded stores.
The Kamooki website had to be a powerhouse – easy to navigate, yet flexible enough to accommodate product line expansion and growth. Fishing aficionados and distributors around the world come to the website to buy online and to investigate publicity from articles and features in fishing publications. The eCommerce back end manages everything from tracking inventory to printing waybills and customs documentation.
The Kamooki website has to be flexible to accomodate growth.
SmartFish™ Hexagon Hexagon
iPad with Kamooki website iPhone with Kamooki website Wood desk
Kamooki retailers
Kamooki is now a top seller at sportfishing retailers worldwide.
Kamooki lures
Graphos has designed a number of other materials and collateral for Kamooki Lures, including: Tradeshow display units and banners, Print and online advertising, Printed marketing collateral, Email marketing campaigns, Point-of-purchase video and product display stands.
Graphos has also designed tradeshow displays, banners, ads, campaigns and product display stands.
You won’t find many websites that exceed Kamooki Lures’ online sales—and the products are top sellers at sportfishing retailers worldwide. The wonderful people at Kamooki Lures continue to raise the bar, and we are thrilled to be part of their richly deserved success!
Kamooki print material Kamooki display