Branding & Marketing A BioScience Revolution

This client came to us with an amazing product: a patented probiotic that could prolong the shelf life of meat, poultry and seafood, while adding unique health benefits. But the product did not yet have a name. Our goal would be to come up with a perfect brand name, and craft the logo, branding and messaging to make some of the world’s biggest businesses take notice.

Our first order of business was to become probiotic demi-experts, and understand the benefits and challenges of promoting a functional food and meat additive. In order to name and brand the probiotic product, we needed to know everything we could.

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Impressive & dynamic websites
International trademark management
Sales focused presentations
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We built a list of nearly 200 possibilities for the new probiotic’s name, then narrowed it to a handful of the strongest contenders. The finalists were free of trademark conflicts internationally, had strong available web domains, were culturally benign and were easy to pronounce. The winner was Biacta. It sounded great for a biological ingredient, and was a perfect fit with the product’s proprietary dual-action benefits.
Biacta sounded great for a biological ingredient, and was a perfect fit with the dual-action benefits.
We created two sets of branding for the client. Vientero was the parent company, and needed a scientific, innovative and highly professional look. The logo is strong and memorable, its channel lettering is custom designed to hint at the body’s enteric system – where probiotics and some of Vientero’s future products do their work. The Biacta logo is completely different, as its job is to market a product: a unique food safety and functional ingredient.
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The two brands are very different entities and both needed a unique presence.
Just as Vientero and Biacta are very different entities, their websites serve differing purposes. Our initial assignment was to create a single web presence for both, but the client agreed it would be best to create two strategically cross-linked websites. Vientero, with executive biographies, press releases and other company information, could be expanded to accommodate other products. By giving Biacta its own website and domain, it would achieve better search performance, and the product brand could extend into site-wide elements.
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Graphos designed business cards, presentations and sales kits in English and Mandarin
Immediately after launch, the Biacta brand began to gain traction. Prospective clients in Canada and around the world immediately expressed interest, and Vientero began custom validations. Graphos travelled to China with Vientero and presented to numerous large-scale food processors, and we continue to work closely with the client to nurture initial sales with some of the world’s biggest agri-foods businesses and international restaurant chains.