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EarthApples sells a unique range of colourful, healthy and easy to grow seed potatoes. Graphos designed the branding, custom retail packaging, collateral and fun-to-use website for this awesome client.

Red and yellow Earth Apples logo with potato design

EarthApples: A Case Study

1. The Challenge

EarthApples was a brand new seed potato company. We’d worked with the business owners before, in creating the successful Solanum International website for their potato development business. EarthApples was a new business venture that would market and sell to a much broader audience: retailers and the general public.

2. Our Process

We began by studying the offering: a wide range of brightly coloured and flavourful seed potatoes. Gardening has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and EarthApples potatoes could be grown virtually anywhere, including on urban balconies. Consumers had only recently learned that potatoes are among the most nutritious of all vegetables—not the filler-food that many had believed. The goal was to make growing colourful potatoes fun for a new generation of gardeners!

3. Our Solution

We began with the logo design. Our creative team came up with plenty of great ideas, rendered with paints, and hand-drawn lettering using bright colour palettes. We whittled these down to four options, all of which the client loved. In the end, the winner was one that gave a literal depiction of the product in action, along with active, playful lettering. The potato shapes would become a graphic element used in almost all branded materials.

Next was packaging design. We designed a box that would stand out on any shelf, whether in garden centres or home improvement stores. Our unique design used the potato graphic as die-cut holes for ventilation, light entry and viewing. The product would enter the market with a dozen varieties, each with its own colour scheme.

Then the eCommerce website. The client's vision was to create a platform where people could learn all about potatoes, from their fascinating history to gardening tips and cooking ideas. The online store would sell EarthApples (no simple task with a highly seasonal and perishable living product), expanding to a line of planting and gardening accessories. The website uses some exciting technical implementations, and of course is beautiful on all devices.

We also designed print and web ads, tradeshow display units, and brochures for EarthApples: a full suite of marketing materials.

In its first season, EarthApples has garnered a lot of orders and attention, making the brand an early success. Try them, and discover how easy it is to grow your own healthful, delicious potatoes right at home!

Yellow front of Earth Apples box
How Much?