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The Digital Marketing Agency for Business Growth

In order to dramatically grow a business in a competitive environment, your marketing must excel. Great brands don’t market like the rest of the pack. They stand out through differentiation, focus and consistency. And they measure everything.

At Graphos, we’re the Edmonton digital and online marketing agency that combines world-class design with deep marketing and branding expertise. Our inbound marketing strategists are Hubspot certified experts, adept at planning and deploying results-oriented campaigns using marketing automation, contextual marketing and other technologies, along with social media, content marketing and traditional media.

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415% increase in web traffic 50x increase in sales leads #1 in Google for highest volume keywords Innovative tools & campaigns View Case Study
8x conversion goal
Multiplied sales growth
RFP/Tender system streamlined workflow
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51% increase in public awareness

Better Online Experiences = More Sales

As people move from strangers, to visitors, leads, customers and enthusiastic promoters of your business, their customer experience changes—and so should the way you communicate with them. Our inbound marketing methodology and powerful tools enable us to capture leads at any stage of their buying experience, and nurture them through your sales funnel. By segmenting your contacts, we use automation and contextual marketing to strategically tailor their experiences to win you more sales!





We've got the answers to all of your questions.

Inbound marketing is a combination of blogging, social media, SEO and marketing automation tools to achieve strong results with a high return on investment. Normally, it involves a centralized platform like Hubspot for content creation, integration, automation and monitoring. As a top-performing Edmonton inbound marketing agency and longtime Hubspot Partner, we focus on lead generation through attracting, engaging, converting and delighting your audience. We love inbound marketing because it enables us to leverage our many skills, and create truly provable ROI for our clients.

For marketing companies, it has always been difficult to identify exactly what works and what does not in generating new business. There’s an old saying: “I know half of my marketing is working; I just have no idea which half.” This has always been true in traditional marketing. It can be very hard to identify which leads are from a print campaign, which came from radio, and which result from word-of-mouth.

With digital marketing, and especially inbound marketing, we can track touch points for every prospect, from ad clicks and web page views to email opens and offer downloads. Through deep intelligence and very accurate data, we can measure and prove the ROI of each campaign. This enables us to be highly accountable to the client, and to continuously improve our strategic approaches.

There is a reason why even the biggest, most successful brands with staff numbering in the thousands hire an agency. First and foremost, a marketing agency assembles teams of trained and experienced specialists at numerous marketing disciplines, from project management to content writing, design, illustration, photography, social media, web development, SEO and more.

Even a really amazing, multi-talented marketing expert cannot hold a candle to that, and attempting to do so invariably leads to burnout and flagging results (if not a catastrophic failure). Marketing agency strategists and designers enjoy working for a variety of clients, minimizing single-product fatigue and keeping them inspired. Perhaps most importantly, it can be much easier to hold your Edmonton digital marketing agency accountable for reporting, expenses and ROI.

Expertise can be subjective, can’t it? All our marketing agency team members have a combination of relevant post-secondary degrees and diplomas, valid technical certifications from organizations like Google and Hubspot Academy, and many years of hands-on experience.

As longtime Edmonton online marketing agency strategists, content creators and seasoned creatives, we’re highly trained, experienced and very successful at what we do. In fact, Graphos team members have an average 17.5 years of professional marketing agency, development and design experience. No other full-service Edmonton digital marketing company can hold a candle to that!

That’s why business owners, brand managers and marketing directors trust us to provide solid advice, great design and impressive, measurable results.

Since we started out in 1993, we’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses from all over the world.

Most of our clients today are based in Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray, because our head office has always been in the heart of downtown Edmonton. Naturally, we also service many clients in St. Albert, Sherwood Park and other nearby communities. We also find it easy to work with clients in cities and towns across Canada, the United States and Europe. Our conference calls have at times included participants in six or more countries. We’re an Edmonton inbound and digital marketing agency without borders!