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In marketing, branding has long been a means by which companies value add. Brand is why consumers pay more, and return to a product time and again. It’s how you dominate the lookalikes, or change the world with a revolutionary new service. It starts with awesome logo design, and flows through every touchpoint with all of your prospects and customers. Brand is an idea that begins with an image. It’s the most valuable asset of every great business.

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Our Branding services include:

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So, how does this work?

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Not at all. Logo design is just a part of branding, albeit a critical one. Your brand encompasses everything your product means to customers, from the brand name and logo to your advertising, customer service, interior design, return policy, product quality and the language you use in marketing and on the phone. Your brand is your promise, your reputation, and the words customers use to describe your offerings.

Logo design often happens early in the overall branding process, but only once we fully understand your business and what makes it so unique in the marketplace. Be sure to partner with an Edmonton logo design and branding agency that understands your business, its audiences and its goals.

Brand name development is often the starting point of our client engagement. We’ve developed a unique and detailed process for brand naming, through which we have coined dozens of memorable company names and international consumer product brand names. Often this carries through to high-impact product packaging design assignments.

The Graphos business and brand naming methodology includes domain and trademark research, connotative and linguistic implications and visual assessment of our brand name recommendations. We’re one of the most productive, successful and effective Edmonton brand naming agencies.

The cost to design a professional logo depends on a number of factors, all of which come down to the hours we put in. To do it right, we need to do in-depth research and discovery, and understand what your brand will be. Logo design is highly subjective (i.e. one person may love what another dislikes), so we must establish some aesthetic guidelines and measures of success. Logo design should be a collaborative process, with experienced brand designers sharing ideas to achieve a visual identity that’s perfect for the business or product it represents.

The detail of artwork makes a difference, so if we are creating a cartoon mascot it will cost more than a simple workmark. And then there is the number of revisions we need to get everything perfect. Once we nail it, we create logo usage guidelines, which can be a simple document or a thick binder, depending on your business needs.

Our fees for a logo design project start at $5,000. A logo refresh or wordmark will usually cost less. We’re happy to give a ballpark estimate based on a brief telephone call, and won’t begin without giving you a detailed, no-surprises Statement of Work. You won’t find an Edmonton logo design company with a stronger track record for success.

Brand guidelines (sometimes called logo usage guidelines) are important in managing your visual branding with consistency. They visually document how the logo should be handled in various applications, which can include merchandise, stationery, marketing collateral, signs, uniforms, vehicle wraps and more.

Although for most small businesses very concise guidelines are suitable, as the brand management Agency of Record (AOR) for several enterprise clients with national and international presences we have created and managed thick volumes of essential usage guidelines.

Because designing a logo or visual identity involves many important steps and processes, doing it right takes several weeks.

Once you engage Graphos as your Edmonton logo design company, we start with our logo design questionnaire, a PDF form you can complete and send to us electronically. For a small business visual identity design, we usually have at least one kickoff workshop with our branding team, where we gather additional details and get to understand your business, its offerings, values and goals. Knowing the people behind a brand is essential to designing how its logo will look.

Our collaborative logo design process normally takes two to three weeks. Enough time to brainstorm, internally review, narrow and finesse logo ideas, without losing focus or momentum. So all in, expect to wait three to four weeks before we wow you with our best logo design work!