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Graphos has an unparalleled skill-set, with the expertise to design, develop and execute an amazingly broad range of services. Design and User Experience are the common thread of every project we undertake, so our work is never cookie-cutter.

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Branding & Logo Design

Edmonton Logo Design, Branding and Corporate Identities

Successful marketing begins with a powerful logo design. For some of our clients, the simple objective is a professionally designed wordmark that can be incorporated into a stationery package and marketing materials.

For others, a comprehensive corporate identity package is called for, including an in-depth usage manual outlining how the brand should (and should not) be used on interior and exterior signage, uniforms, truck decals, vehicle wraps, merchandising, wayfinding systems, corporate promotional literature, online advertising and much more.

Regardless of the scope of your logo design or branding package, our basic methodology is similar. First, we learn as much we possibly can about your company, its products or services and its customers. In some cases, where no brand name exists, we start with our business name or product name development process, in which our creative team researches, brainstorms, shortlists and presents a selection of potential new brand names to suit your style and appeal to your market. We use a number of techniques to help choose the best one.

Likewise, you want your new visual identity to be sticky, appropriate and to stand out from the competition. We’ll present you with unique, well-researched and creative logo design concepts to be sure we nail it.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: branding is one of the toughest, slipperiest and most important projects any creative firm undertakes, and after developing numerous corporate identities over the course of more than two decades, we’ve got it down to a science.

If yours is an established business with brand equity you’d like to preserve, we’ve also undertaken many successful logo redesign and revamp projects that bring out the best of a dated brand’s recognition value and brand equity while demonstrating it intends to remain a leader in a changing world. We can help manage the challenge from old to new, and help you avoid the pitfalls of rebranding.

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