A team of creatives & techies who love what they do!

Laurier, President & CEO

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Tia, Vice President

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Lori, Director of Strategy

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Andreas, Director of Media Services

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Derek, Creative Director

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Sheena, Senior Developer

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Office Talk

At Graphos, we are a multi-disciplinary team, each of us with a diverse skill-set that adds dimensionality and makes our work better: creatives and techies who love what we do. We’re marketing pros, designers, web developers, writers, business analysts and project management rock stars. And then some.

Put us to work, and be thrilled at the amazing things we create together!

Graphos started out in 1993 as a design and creative services agency, and soon became known for our ability to see a project through the eyes of our client’s customer. By placing that customer experience at the heart of our marketing efforts, we could clearly delineate the true goals and effective outcomes that were far more engaging than what others achieved in simply filling the order in the quickest way possible. We became User Experience experts long before UX was even a thing.

Our distinctive approach to branding, campaign creative, inbound marketing and digital design services is still unique in the marketplace. Graphos projects look better, serve the end user more effectively, and make a bigger, more memorable impact.

For more than a quarter century, the Graphos team has worked closely with organizations of all sizes in developing thousands of effective branding, packaging, visual communications and marketing projects. For numerous clients, we have developed unique and entirely custom websites with a full accompaniment of marketing, online sales and communication tools. Today, we focus more than ever on continuous measurement and improvement, partnering with clients who understand and appreciate the power of multiple finely tuned parts working gorgeously in unison.

Connect with us to learn how Graphos can supercharge your branding and marketing!