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Branding & Web Results That Are Hard to Top

Krain was a respected roofing contractor with very little in terms of a brand. The company had succeeded on the basis of knowledge, service, and a reputation for precise work. Krain wanted to increase online sales leads, and needed a system to manage subcontractor tender packages previously managed via email. A strong SEO strategy would be required to propel the virgin web domain into a competitive position.

800% Targeted Lead Generation
Time Saving Tendering System
#1in Google & Bing
68.4% Returning Vistors
Rogers Place
The Krain name would be seen on construction site signs and on the side of vehicles, so it had to command attention through grime and low lighting. Our design team chose a bright orange (synonymous with safety) and engineered a bold, robust custom typeface. The iconography includes a clean representation of a roof, dual-purposed as an upward pointing arrow.
Krain’s logo needed to command attention.
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It is important we present Krain as a best-of-breed roof consultant.
With a roster of projects that include Roger's Place, the Muttart Conservatory and the Telus World of Science, it was important we presented Krain as a best-of-breed roof consultant. We designed the site to serve retina-resolution images when appropriate and to look great on all devices, recognizing it would be viewed by project managers with large-screen desktop computers as well as engineers on work sites. It also needed a job tender management tool that could manage multiple projects and track which candidates had received and viewed Krain's information packages.
Krain’s Website has been a gold mine for generating qualified sales leads.
The Krain branding has been very well received by industry, and traffic has been strong – especially for a niche business. Most importantly, the website has been a gold mine for generating qualified sales leads, and the tendering system is an unqualified success. A high rate of returning visitors is evidence the site is doing what users want. Our SEO strategy yielded excellent results, dominating search for the client’s top-priority keywords.
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